Catherine Sinclair Monument

Conservation, masonry.



Located on the corner of St. Colme Street and North Charlotte Street and overlooking the western end of Queen Street stands the Catherine Sinclair Monument.

A spire in the High Victorian Gothic style, it was designed by architect David Bryce (1803-76) and executed by John Rhind (1828-92) between 1866-68. The monument is a memorial to the novelist and philanthropist Catherine Sinclair, who first guessed that Sir Walter Scott was the author of the anonymous 'Waverley Novels' and did much good for her fellow citizens in Edinburgh.
Working in hand with conservation architects and taking guidance from the Edinburgh World Heritage Trust, the project involved rebuilding much of the deteriorating decorative embellishments on the property that had been dislodged by years of vegetation growth and neglect.  Decorative carved stone spires and finials were hoisted off the building and re-secured. The original internal stone drainage channels were opened to allow free movement of rainwater away from the external facades.