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Statutory Notice Repairs

We undertake a vast amount of Statutory Notice works both directly for private owners and for the City of Edinburgh Council when the works are enforced.

Our main focus/trades include:

  • Plumbing (lead flashings, lead platform roofs, gutters and the like)
  • Plumbing (cast iron repairs, replacement and alteration to pipes/rhones)
  • Drainage (investigation, replacement and repair including internal/external waste/rainwater pipes and underground drainage)
  • Slating (repair or complete strip and reslate)
  • Tiling (repair or complete re-tile of roofs)
  • Masonry (chimney repairs/repointing/demolition & rebuild)
  • Masonry (elevation repairs, indenting, traditional lime repointing, rebuild)
  • Masonry (dressing/carving and replacement of decorative stone features)
  • Masonry (sympathetic lime based repairs of stonework)
  • Structural repairs (installation and repair of structural beams/members, structural rebuilding and support of elevation masonry, etc.)
  • Groundwork (excavation, foundations, etc.)
  • Joinery (doors, windows, gutter linings, structural members, rooflights/cupolas, etc.)
  • Glazing (windows, fanlights, rooflights, cupolas)

As an owner in a multi-occupancy property you will be aware of the difficulty in organising and overseeing repairs and generally maintaining your property. James Breck Ltd has over 60 years experience in completing works of this nature and can help you through every stage of the job. We hope to simplify the process for you.

If you have been served with a Statutory Notice you should be aware of the many Pros AND Cons of carrying out the works yourself, when compared to enforced completion by the City of Edinburgh Council.

There are real benefits to organising the works privately and appointing your own contractor:

  • You remain in full control both of the scope of work and specification and, as result, the final cost of the works
  • You remain in control of when the works are done
  • You avoid paying management fees
  • As a result of getting together at the outset and agreeing a specific course of action, there‚Äôs better communication between the joint owners
  • The cost of the job can be apportioned/split as requested by owners. For example if the title deeds state that a basement property (which is smaller) is responsible for 1/16 of the roof repairs, we can account for this in the final bill

Should you decide to appoint James Breck Ltd to carry out works for you, we require the following:

  • That a joint account for the repairs be opened on behalf of the owners.
  • At least half of the total repairs estimate must be in the account prior to works commencing on site.
  • The account can have at least 2 signatories or as many as you wish. James Breck Ltd will have no involvement with the account.
  • A signed contract (mandate) must be in place prior to works starting. This must be signed by all owners involved in the repair. Once agreed to by all parties, the contract allows for any additional works to be decided and instructed by the majority; this helps to avoid unnecessary delays once the repairs commence on site.

Please contact us if you require any further information on what we can offer you regarding Statutory Notices.

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